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What to Look for When Renting or Purchasing a Beginner Violin

The details of buying a new violin can go in depth quite fast! This post focuses only on beginning level violins for a students with no experience, as most people looking for an advanced violin will already have a teacher to assist them. The diagram at the bottom of the page will help to identify […]

Now the World’s Tiniest Violin Can Actually Be Played!

Now the World’s Tiniest Violin Can Actually Be Played! You no longer have to mimic playing the world’s tiniest violin to show your feigned sympathy. With Google’s Project Soli (google.com/atap/project-soli/) and Design I/O (design-io.com) you simply rub your thumb and forefinger together in the air to produce a violin sound. The company uses a machine learning tool and a […]

Renting vs. Purchasing a Violin

For young beginning students, parents often debate purchasing or renting a violin. If new to playing the violin, renting may be the best choice to begin. After a few months and a decision to commit, parents should consider purchasing. If renting for more than a year, you have most likely paid the full value of […]