Renting vs. Purchasing a Violin

For young beginning students, parents often debate purchasing or renting a violin.

If new to playing the violin, renting may be the best choice to begin. After a few months and a decision to commit, parents should consider purchasing. If renting for more than a year, you have most likely paid the full value of the instrument. In the long run, buying is ultimately the better financial choice. Some music stores even offer a trade in value for your used, instrument that no longer fits your child.

When to Rent: For a beginning student who is unsure of their level of commitment to the instrument. At first, the financial commitment of renting is safer than purchasing a new instrument. Later on, the teacher can help select an instrument that best fits the student’s needs. One extra perk to renting, if the instrument is broken, stores may have insurance on their rented instruments.

When to Buy: A great time to buy is when the student has shown some level of commitment. The purchasing of an instrument can be used to reward the committed student. You will always be able to resell the violin! Infact, many stores will buy back your violin and give you a partial credit of the violin’s original price. Especially if you are purchasing a larger, or nicer violin.

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